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Visitor vs Visitant vs Guest vs Caller

Visitor, visitantguestcaller mean one who visits another or comes to pay a visit.

Visitor is the general word applicable to anyone who comes under this description, but it is especially applicable to one who makes a friendly visit or one who comes in the cause of charity, social service, or investigation.

Visitant is applied especially to a visitor who is or seems to be from another sphere (as heaven or hell).

As compared with visitor , guest emphasizes the idea of hospitable entertainment; it applies therefore chiefly to one who comes as a result of an invitation.

It also is often used, sometimes in the expanded form paying guest , of a lodger or boarder, and is used regularly for patrons of a restaurant or hotel.

Caller is applicable not only to one who comes for a social or business call (see under VISIT ) but to anyone regardless of his intentions who seeks entrance to one’s home or office.