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Virago vs Amazon vs Termagant vs Scold vs Shrew vs Vixen

Virago, amazontermagantscoldshrewvixen can all mean a woman of pugnacious temperament.

Virago and amazon are often interchangeable; both tend to suggest physical vigor and size and often a masculine quality of mind or interests and both may apply to a woman engaged in typically masculine pursuits and especially fighting.

Distinctively virago can imply fierceness of temper and a domineering nature while amazon is more likely to suggest heroic qualities (as of dedication and competence).

Termagant carries a strong implication of habitual disorderly turbulence, boisterousness, and uncontrollable temper.

Scold , shrew , and vixen designate women who habitually inflict their bad temper on others.

scold indulges herself in vulgar, abusive, and often castigating speech while a shrew possesses a bitter tongue and a nagging disposition  and a vixen , a fiery temperament and often a tendency to snappish asperity.