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Vanish vs Evanesce vs Evaporate vs Disappear vs Fade

Vanish, evanesceevaporatedisappearfade can all mean to pass from view or out of existence.

Vanish implies a complete, often mysterious, and usually sudden passing; it commonly suggests absence of all trace or of any clue that would permit following until found.

Evanesce differs from vanish in its greater stress on the process (as effacement or dissipation) by which a thing passes from visibility or thought; sometimes the term distinctly suggests a gradual process.

Evaporate suggests a vanishing as silently and inconspicuously as water does into vapor.

The term is often used in respect to tenuous qualities, but it may be employed to describe stealthy or prudent or sudden departures or with drawings of persons.

Disappear stresses only the passing from sight or thought; the passing implied may be sudden or gradual, permanent or temporary, but such suggestions are mostly contextual and not in the word.

Fade , often with out or away , implies a gradual diminution in clearness and distinctness until the thing becomes invisible.