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Usual vs Customary vs Habitual vs Wonted vs Accustomed

Usual, customaryhabitualwontedaccustomed can mean familiar through frequent or regular repetition.

Usual stresses the absence of strangeness and is applicable to whatever is normally expected or happens in the ordinary course of events.

Customary often implies characteristic or distinguishing quality, and is applied to whatever is according to the usual or prevailing practices, conventions, or usages of a particular person or, especially, of a particular community.

Sometimes invariable or fixed quality is implied.

Habitual implies settled or established practice, and is commonly applied to what has settled by long repetition into a habit.

Wonted, a somewhat bookish word, stresses habituation, but tends to be applied to what is favored, sought, or purposefully cultivated.

Accustomed is often interchangeable with wonted and customary , but it is a more familiar word than the first and is weaker in its suggestions of custom and fixity than the second.