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Unnerve vs Enervate vs Unman vs Emasculate

Unnerve, enervateunmanemasculate can all mean to deprive of strength or vigor and of the capacity for endurance, overcoming difficulties, or making progress.

Unnerve implies marked loss of courage, steadiness, and self-control or of power to act or fight usually as a result of some calamity or sudden shock.

Enervate implies a more gradual physical or moral weakening or dissipation of one’s strength until one is too feeble to make effort; usually the term implies a weakening of moral fiber under the influence of such debilitating factors as luxury, indolence, or effeminacy.

Unman implies loss of manly fortitude or spirit; it often suggests a shameful reduction to tears, tremors, extreme timidity, or other state regarded as womanish.

Emasculate (see also STERILIZE 1 ) implies a loss of essential or effective power especially by the removal of something (as a factor or a condition) which has made for strength (as of a person, a group, or a law).