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Unfold vs Evolve vs Develop vs Elaborate vs Perfect

Unfoldevolvedevelopelaborateperfect can all mean to cause something to emerge from a state where its potentialities are not apparent or not realized into a state where they are apparent or fully realized.

Unfold suggests usually a natural process by which is unveiled or disclosed the true character, the real beauty or ugliness, or the significance or insignificance of someone or something.

Evolve implies an unfolding or unrolling itself gradually and in orderly process; the term is particularly applicable when the slowness of the process and the complications involved in it are to be suggested.

However evolve is often used with weakened emphasis on the implications of slowness and complexity to imply specifically the production of a result (as an idea, a theory, or an aesthetic effect) from within or as if from within.

Develop (see also MATURE ) implies a passing through several stages and stresses the coming out or unfolding of latent possibilities in a thing, whether by a natural process or through human means (compare DEVELOPMENT ).

Elaborate distinctively stresses attention to detail and increasing complication by means of which the latent possibilities of a thing are more fully or completely developed.

Perfect stresses a freeing from faults, defects, or blemishes, and it can additionally imply an unfolding or development of something so that it stands as a complete or finished product.