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Truth vs Veracity vs Verity vs Verisimilitude

Truth, veracityverityverisimilitude are comparable when they mean the quality or property of keeping close to the facts or to things as they are and avoiding such distortions as lies, fictions, or misrepresentations.

Truth is a general term ranging in meaning from a transcendent idea to an indication of conformity with fact and of avoidance of error, misrepresentation, or falsehood.

Veracity usually implies rigid and unfailing adherence to, observance of, or respect for truth.

Verity typically designates the quality of a state or thing in being true or entirely in accordance with factual reality or with what should be so regarded; sometimes the word designates what is marked by lasting, ultimate, or transcendent value.

Verisimilitude describes the quality of a representation that causes one to accept it as true.