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Trite vs Hackneyed vs Stereotyped vs Threadbare vs Shopworn

Trite, hackneyedstereotypedthreadbareshopworn are comparable when they describe something, especially a once effective idea or expression in writing or art or a dramatic plot, lacking the power to evoke attention or interest because it lacks freshness.

Trite applies to something spoiled by too long familiarity with it and suggests commonplaceness or total lack of power to impress.

Hackneyed , often interchangeable with trite , stresses the idea of such constant use that all significance or force is dulled or destroyed.

Stereotyped stresses an imitative quality and a usually total lack of originality or creativity.

Threadbare applies to what has been used or exploited so much that its possibilities of interest have been totally exhausted.

Shopworn suggests a loss, from constant use, of some or most of the qualities that appeal or arouse interest.