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Transport vs Ravish vs Enrapture vs Entrance

Transportravishenraptureentrance can all mean to carry away by strong and usually pleasurable emotion.

Transport need not suggest that the transporting emotion is joy or delight; it may be an emotion (as rage, amazement, fear, or wonder) strong enough to exceed ordinary limits; usually, the term implies excessive agitation or excitement.

Ravish can imply a seizure by emotion and in this use is typically an emphatic term for a being filled with joy or delight.

Enrapture basically implies a putting into a state of rapture and typically suggests an intense, even ecstatic, delight, often in one of the arts. But sometimes enrapture stresses the bemusing aspect of rapture and then tends to suggest a bedazzling and often a suppressing of the powers of clear thinking.

Entrance implies a throwing into a state of mind resembling a trance; it usually suggests a being held spellbound by something that awakens an overmastering emotion (as joy, fear, or wonder).