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Top line vs Up line

top line

1. the uppermost line of text:

  • A special machine, an “interpreter,” can be used to read the cards and print their contents on the top line.

2. the head item on a bill of entertainment:

  • His duets with Miss Muriel George have reached a top-line position on the halls.

3. headline of a newspaper:

  • This big “top line” caught my eye: “The Pocasset filicide.”

4. said of the best or most important traded items:

  • Our huge purchase includes many carloads of the top lines of merchandise.

up line —(Railroad) a single track of rails in a double line of railway (for trains traveling from left to right):

  • The train was accordingly shunted on to the up line and proceeded back to town.

See also: bottom line / bottom of the line.