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Throw oneself in something vs Throw oneself on something vs Throw oneself to something

throw oneself in something —(also: throw oneself into something)

1. jump suddenly into the lake, river, etc.:

  • I won’t be throwing myself in the canal over the collapsed deal.

2. engage vigorously in an activity:

  • So he slowly began to pull away, throwing himself in his work in the hopes of making the inevitable separation easier.

throw oneself on something

1. (also: throw oneself down on something ) lie down suddenly at full length on the bed, etc.:

  • Miss Flora had thrown herself on a carpet by the bedside.

2. rely completely on smth. for help, protection, etc.:

  • They are obliged to throw themselves on the parish for aid.

throw oneself to something — = throw oneself on something 1:

  • He threw himself to the ground as the shells flew overhead.