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Talkative vs Loquacious vs Garrulous vs Voluble vs Glib

Talkative, loquaciousgarrulousvolubleglib are comparable chiefly as applied to persons and their moods and as meaning given to talk or talking.

The same distinctions in implications and connotations are also seen in their corresponding nouns talkativeness, loquacity or loquaciousness, garrulity or garrulousness, volubility or volubleness , and glibness .

Talkative and talkativeness , the least explicit of these terms, may imply nothing more than a readiness to engage in talk, or they may suggest fluency and ease in talking or a disposition to enjoy conversation.

Loquacious and loquacity more commonly imply fluency and ease in speech or, sometimes, an undue talkativeness.

Garrulous and garrulity imply prosy, tedious, or rambling loquacity and usually suggest much idle talk about trivial things.

Voluble and volubility suggest a free, flowing, and seemingly unending loquacity.

Glib and glibness are often interchangeable with voluble and volubility , but distinctively they may suggest a facility indicative of superficiality, trickery, or deceitfulness.