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Stupid vs Slow vs Dull vs Dense vs Crass vs Dumb

Stupidslowdulldensecrassdumb are comparable when they mean conspicuously lacking in intelligence or power to absorb ideas or impressions or exhibiting such a lack.

Stupid can apply to a sluggish slow-witted lack of intelligence, typically congenital or habitual, or it can apply to a usually more or less transitory benumbed or dazed state of mind that is typically the result of drunkenness, shock, or illness; although the term seldom is applied to the insane or the imbecile, it often also suggests senselessness.

Slow implies stupidity manifested especially in lack of quickness in comprehension or reaction; often the term is little more than a euphemistic substitute for stupid .

Dull (see also Dull vs Blunt vs Obtuse and Dull vs Humdrum vs Dreary vs Monotonous vs Pedestrian vs Stodgy ) suggests a labored slowness or sluggishness of mind that may be constitutional, or the result of lack of mental exercise, or of overwork, or of a physical condition, and is unrelieved by any hint of quickness, brightness, or liveliness.

Dense implies a quality of mind that makes it impervious to ideas. Additionally it may imply qualities (as obtuseness or stolidity) that reveal lack of perception, sensitiveness, or subtlety.

Crass suggests a gross unfeeling quality that makes the mind incapable of delicate mental processes (as analysis, discrimination, and evaluation) or impervious to refined or spiritual ideas.

Dumb (see also DUMB 1 ) is a term of contempt that may be used in place of any of the preceding terms especially when obtuseness and inarticulateness are also implied.