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Still vs Stilly vs Quiet vs Silent vs Noiseless

Stillstillyquietsilentnoiseless can all mean making no stir or noise.

Still applies to what is motionless or at rest, often with the further implication of hush or absence of sound; sometimes one implication is stressed, sometimes the other, and sometimes both.

Stilly emphasizes the absence of sounds, but it usually implies also the absence of stir or motion.

Quiet , like still , may imply absence of perceptible motion or sound or of both, but it carries stronger suggestions of lack of excitement, agitation, or turbulence, and of tranquillity, serenity, restfulness, or repose.

Silent and noiseless differ from the other words of this group in being frequently applied to motion, movement, or stir that is unaccompanied by sound.

Silent usually carries more positive suggestions of stillness or quietness whereas noiseless usually connotes absence of commotion or of sounds of activity or movement.