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Splendid vs Resplendent vs Gorgeous vs Glorious vs Sublime vs Superb

Splendid, resplendentgorgeousglorioussublimesuperb can mean having or displaying outstanding or transcendingly impressive qualities.

Although, like most adjectives implying transcendence, they are often used interchangeably in hyperbole or in general expressions of great admiration or satisfaction, they are capable of being used more precisely in ways that convey quite distinctive images and impressions.

Splendid implies an outshining of the usual or customary (as in brilliancy, luster, grandeur, or magnificence) or an impressing of the observer (as by surpassing brilliancy, luster, or grandeur).

Resplendent implies a glowing or blazing splendor.

Gorgeous is likely to apply to the sumptuously splendid in color or display of colors. The term sometimes stresses showiness or elaborateness rather than splendor of coloring.

Glorious implies a being radiant with light or beauty or a standing out as eminently worthy of admiration, renown, or distinction.

Sublime applies distinctively to what is so elevated or exalted that the mind in contemplating or picturing it cannot reach full comprehension of it and must, in part at least, feel or imagine the vastness of its extent, power, beauty, or nobility.

Superb describes what exceeds the merely grand, magnificent, sumptuous, or splendid and reaches the highest conceivable point of competence, brilliance, grandeur, magnificence, or splendor.