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Slatternly vs Dowdy vs Frowzy vs Blowsy

Slatternly, dowdyfrowzyblowsy can all mean deficient in neatness, freshness, or smartness, especially in dress or appearance.

Slatternly stresses notions of slovenliness, unkemptness, and sordidness.

Dowdy is likely to imply a complete lack of taste typically marked by a blend of something untidy, drab, or tawdry.

Frowzy suggests a lazy lack of neatness, order, and cleanliness, but frowzy also may apply to a natural and not unwholesome disorder or it may suggest drab misery and squalor as an inevitable result of circumstances.

Blowsy implies dishevelment or disorder to which is often added a notion of crudity or coarseness or grossness.