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Shameless vs Brazen vs Barefaced vs Brash vs Impudent

Shameless, brazenbarefacedbrashimpudent can apply to persons and their acts that defy the moral code or social decorum when they mean characterized by boldness and a lack of a sense of shame.

Shameless implies a lack of effective restraints (as modesty, a sense of decency, an active conscience, or concern for the respect of others).

Brazen implies not only complete shamelessness but defiant insolence.

Barefaced implies absence of all effort to disguise or to mask one’s transgressions; it connotes extreme effrontery.

Brash so strongly implies impetuousness that it does not stress shamelessness as clearly as the preceding words; however, it is often used in place of shameless when heedlessness and temerity make one indifferent to the claims of conscience or one’s sense of decency.

Impudent adds to shameless implications of bold or pert defiance of considerations of modesty or decency.