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Select vs Elect vs Picked vs Exclusive

Selectelectpickedexclusive can mean marked by a superior character or quality which distinguishes the person, the thing, or the group so qualified from others (as in value, excellence, or favor).

Select implies that the person or thing has been chosen with discrimination in preference to others of the same class or kind.

Select is also often used, with little or no implication of choice or selection, in the sense of superior or exceptional .

Elect commonly implies careful or discriminating selection and it carries a stronger implication than select of admission to some carefully restricted or inner circle; sometimes it also suggests the award of special privileges.

Picked, like select, may or may not imply actual choice; the term commonly applies to what is conspicuously superior or above the average though it may suggest little more than the best available.

Exclusive in its most general sense implies a character in a thing that forces or inclines it to rule out whatever is not congruous or compatible with it or is its opposite or antithesis in constitution or character.

As applied especially to persons, groups, or institutions exclusive implies tendencies or rules which prevent free acceptance or admission of those not conforming to imposed standards or not satisfying the requirements of those who are fastidious, snobbish, or highly critical.