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Scuttle vs Scurry vs Scamper vs Skedaddle vs Sprint

Scuttlescurryscamperskedaddlesprint are comparable when they mean to move briskly by or as if by running.

Scuttle, scurry, and scamper all imply a rapid erratic progress of or as if of a small active animal but each may carry quite distinctive suggestions.

Scuttle tends to suggest an irregular, precipitous, and seemingly awkward gait (as of a spider or crab) in which speed often appears to be attained with effort.

Scurry more often conveys the impression of a neat briskness (as of a mouse or squirrel) and often of abrupt changes in direction or speed.

Scamper suggests nimbleness in movement and typically applies to playful gamboling (as of children or young animals), but it may stress urgency and then imply such motives as fear or need of shelter.

Skedaddle typically applies to human movement and distinctively implies a hasty departing for cause, sometimes even a panic flight.

Sprint implies movement at top speed and typically suggests an output of energy that can only briefly be maintained; it is particularly appropriate when the notion to be conveyed is one of an urgent effort of speed to attain an immediate end.