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Restore vs Revive vs Revivify vs Resuscitate

Restorereviverevivifyresuscitate can all mean to regain or cause to regain signs of life and vigor.

Restore (see also RENEW ) implies a return to consciousness, to health, or to vigor often through the use of remedies or of treatments.

Revive, when used in reference to a person, implies recovery from a deathlike state (as stupor or a faint or shock); it carries a stronger suggestion of apparent death in the victim and a less positive suggestion of restored health and vigor than does restore .

But the term is often applied to spirits or to feelings that are depressed, to plants that seem withering, to states, arts, industries, or fashions that are not flourishing and implies a return to a prior state (as of animation, freshness, or activity).

Revivify differs from revive in suggesting an adding of new life and in not carrying so strong a suggestion of prior loss or depletion of vital power; hence, it is applicable to normal persons or to their powers.

The term is also applicable to something that tends to become exhausted of interest through long usage or familiarity and then suggests a freshening or a vitalizing from a new source.

Resuscitate implies commonly a restoration to consciousness, but in comparison with revive it usually also implies a condition that is serious and that requires arduous efforts to correct or relieve.

Especially in extended use it can suggest a bringing again to a quick or vital state of someone or something in which life appears to be extinct.