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Reliable vs Dependable vs Trustworthy vs Trusty vs Tried

Reliable, dependabletrustworthytrustytried can be applied to persons, their utterances, views, methods, or instruments to mean having or manifesting qualities which merit confidence or trust.

Reliable describes what one can count upon not to fail in doing what is expected or to give or tell the exact truth.

Dependable is very close to reliable; it may suggest steadiness or trustworthiness in time of need or in an emergency.

Dependable is also used merely as a descriptive term implying a character that is predictable or that is the antithesis of what is fickle or capricious.

A person or occasionally a thing is trustworthy that merits or has earned one’s complete confidence in his or its soundness, integrity, veracity, discretion, or reliability.

Trusty applies to a person or thing that has been found by experience to be reliable and trustworthy or that has been found never to have failed one in need or in an emergency or that has been found dependable whenever needed.

Tried also stresses proved reliability, dependability, trustworthiness, or trustiness.