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Prepare vs Fit vs Qualify vs Condition vs Ready

Prepare, fitqualifyconditionready are comparable when they mean to make someone or something ready.

Prepare is the most inclusive of these terms; it implies a process, often a complicated process, involving a making ready, a getting ready, or a putting in readiness one or more persons or things.

Fit is more limited in its scope than prepare : it suggests a making a person or thing fit for or suitable to a particular end or objective.

Qualify (see also MODERATE ) stresses the implication that a person’s fitness for a duty, office, function, or status requires the fulfillment of some necessary conditions, such as taking certain courses of study or training, an examination, or an oath.

Condition implies a getting into or a bringing to the condition that is proper or necessary for a person or, more often, a thing to satisfy a particular purpose or use.

Ready emphasizes a putting a thing into order, especially for use, or a making ready a person for action.