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Praise vs Laud vs Acclaim vs Extol vs Eulogize

Praise, laudacclaimextoleulogize mean to express approbation or esteem.

Praise often implies no more than warmly expressed commendation. When specifically referred to persons, it frequently suggests the judgment of a superior. However, it is also used in reference to God or a god or to a saint; then it implies glorification by such acts of homage as song or prayer.

Laud implies high, sometimes excessive, praise.

Acclaim usually suggests enthusiastic and public expression of approval.

Extol retains its original implication of lifting up or raising and suggests praise that exalts or magnifies. It is often used when a contrast between approbation or esteem and their opposites is enforced.

Eulogize, sometimes interchangeable with extol, may differ from it in implying formality both in the method and in the occasion; very frequently it suggests a set composition or oration (eulogy ) suitable for a funeral or testimonial.