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Pour vs Stream vs Gush vs Sluice

Pourstreamgushsluice are comparable when they mean to send forth or cause to send forth copiously.

Pour usually suggests an abundant emission of what is sent forth, but it sometimes implies a coming in a course or stream, usually a continuous stream (as from a mouth, a spout, an orifice, or a wound).

Stream suggests a flow that is circumscribed (as by issuance through a course or from an opening), though it also may connote abundance or continuousness in that flow.

Gush implies a sudden and copious emission of or as if of something released from confinement; it often connotes a coming in a jet or in spurts.

Sluice implies the operation of something like a sluice for the regulation or control of the flow of water; therefore the verb sluice suggests a sending of water or liquid over a surface in an abundant stream.