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Petty vs Puny vs Trivial vs Trifling vs Paltry vs Measly vs Picayunish vs Picayune

Petty, punytrivialtriflingpaltrymeaslypicayunishpicayune mean little and insignificant, often contemptibly so.

Something is petty which by comparison with other things the same in kind but different in size, importance, gravity, or moment is among the smallest or least important. The word often connotes small-mindedness.

Something is puny which is so small or slight as to seem impotent, feeble, or completely without vitality.

Something is trivial which seems petty and commonplace and scarcely worthy of special consideration or notice. The term is often applied to persons, minds, or activities which reveal engrossment in trivial affairs or a lack of serious or profound interests.

Something is trifling which is so small as to have little if any value or significance.

Something is paltry which is ridiculously or contemptibly small in comparison especially to what it should be.

Something is measly which is contemptibly small (as in size or quantity) or petty.

Something is picayunish or picayune which is insignificant in its possibilities or accomplishments or hopelessly narrow in outlook or interests.