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Offensive vs Loathsome vs Repulsive vs Repugnant vs Revolting

Offensiveloathsomerepulsiverepugnantrevolting are comparable when they mean utterly distasteful or repellent.

Something offensive subjects one to painful or highly disagreeable sensations. Sometimes the term implies injured feelings as a result of an affront or insult and frequently it suggests the evocation of such aversion that endurance involves mental strain or moral distaste or it may imply a vileness (as of appearance or odor) that excites nausea or extreme disgust.

Something loathsome is so foul or obscene that one cannot look upon it, hear it, feel it, or have to do with it without a sense of deep disgust and abhorrence. Often the term is not clearly distinguishable from offensive in the sense of disgustingly nauseating but is applied more often to things which are generally or universally distasteful; thus, some people find the heavy fragrance of tuberoses offensive, but nearly everyone finds the sight and odor of meat rotting and crawling with maggots loathsome.

Something repulsive is so ugly in its appearance or so completely lacking in all that attracts or allures or charms or even challenges interest that it either drives one away or makes one unwilling to dwell on it.

Something repugnant (see also REPUGNANT 1 ) is highly offensive or loathsome because in direct conflict with one's nature, one's principles, and one's tastes and irreconcilable with them.

Something revolting is so extremely offensive, loathsome, repulsive, or repugnant to a person of delicate sensibilities that the sight or thought of it arouses in him a desire or determination to resist or rebel.