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Object vs Protest vs Remonstrate vs Expostulate vs Kick

Objectprotestremonstrateexpostulatekick mean to oppose something (as a course, a procedure, a policy, or a project) especially by making known one's arguments against it.

Object carries so strong an implication of dislike or aversion that it often is lacking in a clear or definite implication of vocal or other outward opposition, though frequently such a reaction is suggested.

Protest (see also ASSERT 1 ) implies strong opposition and usually the presentation of objections in speech or in writing against the thing to which one objects.

Remonstrate implies protestation but it carries so much stronger an implication of an attempt to convince or persuade than protest carries that it is especially appropriate when the objection is to something being done by a child, a friend, or a relative, rather than by an official or an impersonal agent, or when reproof is also implied.

Expostulate differs little from remonstrate, but it usually carries a heightened implication of firm, earnest, but friendly reasoning or insistence on the merits of one's arguments.

Kick implies strenuous protestation and, usually, an exhibition of recalcitrancy or defiance.