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News vs Tidings vs Intelligence vs Advice

News, tidingsintelligenceadvice are comparable when they designate a report or the reports of occurrences and conditions not previously known.

News stresses novelty and freshness of information. Since news is specifically applied to the information disseminated through public media (as radio and journals) shortly after the incidents have occurred, it also often implies distribution, even in its general sense.

Tidings, which may be singular in construction, is somewhat bookish; it is often appropriate when it refers to news orally communicated or disseminated (as by a herald or messenger).

Intelligence stresses the desirability or the practical value of the information rather than its freshness. In specific military use intelligence suggests clandestine methods of gathering information (as by secret agents). It is therefore applied not only to the information gathered but to the branch of the service commissioned to gather it.

In comparison with intelligence, which often suggests the gathering of important information, advice stresses the transmission of information and implies the immediacy of its value.

It, or its plural advices, is often applied to the means (as letters, telegrams, or messengers) by which this information is communicated.