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Meddle vs Interfere vs Intermeddle vs Tamper

Meddle, interfereintermeddletamper are comparable when they mean to busy or concern oneself with someone or something officiously, impertinently, or indiscreetly.

One meddles with or in something that is not one's concern or is strictly the affair or the responsibility of another or of others; the term usually suggests the interposition of oneself without right or without permission or authorization.

One interferes (see also INTERPOSE 2 ) with someone or something or in something when one meddles, whether intentionally or not, in such a way as to hinder, frustrate, molest, check, or defeat.

One intermeddles with or in something when one meddles impertinently and officiously and in such a way as to interfere.

One tampers with someone or something when one seeks to make unwarranted alterations, to perform meddlesome experiments, or to exert an improper influence; the term need not suggest corruption or clandestine operation.