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Matrimonial vs Marital vs Conjugal vs Connubial vs Nuptial vs Hymeneal

Matrimonial, maritalconjugalconnubialnuptialhymeneal mean of, relating to, or characteristic of marriage.

Matrimonial is the most general term applicable to whatever has to do both with matrimony and with marriage in most of its senses (see MARRIAGE ).

Marital which sometimes implies specific reference to the husband and his part in marriage is often used interchangeably with matrimonial.

Conjugal and connubial are frequently used interchangeably. More discriminatively, conjugal refers to persons who are married and connubial to the marriage state.

Nuptial has primary reference to the marriage rites or ceremony.

Hymeneal is a poetic or literary word, suggestive of the splendors of marriage rites and festivities.