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Line vs Line up vs Align vs Range vs Array

Lineline upalignrangearray mean to arrange in a line or in lines.

Line, or more often line up, implies setting in single file or in parallel rows.

Align stresses the bringing of points or parts that should be in a straight line into correct adjustment or into correspondence.

Range stresses orderly or correct disposition, sometimes merely in straight or parallel lines, but more often with the added implication of separation into groups or classes according to some plan or design.

Array implies actual formation in order, especially battle order, and therefore suggests full equipment and readiness for action. These words also are comparable in extended use.

Line up stresses organization for unity or singleness of effort.

Align is commonly used reflexively in this connection and implies falling into line or into a lineup.

Range implies putting or falling precisely into a group (as a class, party, rank, or category); it may suggest alignment but more often connotes partisanship or alliance or, when used of things, susceptibility of classification.

Array in its extended use retains its implication of orderly formation; it sometimes also suggests arrangement in logical or chronological order, or as parts of a design. More often, however, it stresses the impressive or imposing character of an opposition.