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Like a bull in a china shop vs Like an elephant in the room

like a bull in a china shopsaid of a rough or clumsy person who is very careless and often breaks things:

  • We told her it was a delicate situation but she went into the meeting like a bull in a china shop.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase like a bull at a gate—used of somebody acting with unchecked violence or impetuosity:

  • Try to approach her the right way. she’s dead if scared of policemen and you will get nothing out of her if you go at it like a bull at a gate.

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like an elephant in the room—said of a problem that everyone knows well but no one talks about because it is embarrassing, etc.:

  • Like an elephant in the room, Liz and Christoph don’t talk about what would have happened.

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