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Lightness vs Light-mindedness vs Levity vs Frivolity vs Flippancy vs Volatility vs Flightiness

Lightness, light-mindednesslevityfrivolityflippancyvolatilityflightiness are comparable when denoting the quality, manner, or attitude of one who is irresponsibly gay or indifferent especially when seriousness is expected.

Lightness implies a general lack of weight or seriousness (as in character, mood, conduct, or speech). The term may further imply instability or carefree heedlessness or indifference to the seriousness of a situation.

Light-mindedness, even more than lightness, suggests a temperamental lack of seriousness or stability.

Levity usually suggests more specifically trifling or unseasonable gaiety.

Frivolity adds to lightness the implication of empty or idle speech or conduct; the term often carries a strong connotation of triviality or of pettiness, but its most frequent implication is that of such indulgence in meaningless gaieties that serious employments are disregarded.

Flippancy applies especially to unbecoming levity or pertness in speaking of or in dealing with serious things.

Volatility implies such lightness or fickleness of disposition as precludes long or serious dwelling upon any one idea or plan.

Flightiness may imply extreme volatility, often with a suggestion of loss of mental balance, but it often suggests extreme capriciousness or a gay whimsicality characteristic of one who is not long contented with what he has or does.