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Libel vs Skit vs Squib vs Lampoon vs Pasquinade

Libelskitsquiblampoonpasquinade mean a public and often satirical presentation of faults or weaknesses, especially those of an individual.

Libel (compare libel vb under MALIGN ) is the legal term for statement or representation (as a cartoon) published or circulated without just cause or excuse, which tends to expose a person to public contempt, hatred, or ridicule.

Skit applies to an amusing satire typically in the form of a dramatic sketch or story that may be more humorous or ironical than satirical and is usually of no very great weight or seriousness; the term seldom connotes malice, bitterness, or abusiveness, but it often suggests the infliction of a sting.

Squib applies to a short and clever often malicious piece of satirical writing that makes its point with a sharp thrust and evokes laughter or amusement.

Lampoon suggests more virulence and abusiveness and a coarser humor than skit or squib.

Pasquinade is preferred to lampoon when such circumstances as anonymity, public posting, political character, or extreme scurrility are implied.