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Largely vs Greatly vs Mostly vs Chiefly vs Mainly vs Principally vs Generally

Largely, greatlymostlychieflymainlyprincipallygenerally are often interchanged, but they are capable of being used with explicitness even though they basically agree in meaning.

Largely stresses quantity or extent; it usually connotes copiousness or abundance and often suggests an amount exceeding that of other ingredients, components, or constituents.

Greatly carries a heightened suggestion of greatness in degree that differentiates it from largely.

Mostly usually stresses numbers.

Chiefly emphasizes the importance of one thing among other things; it may connote an outstanding or preeminent position or it may connote merely relative importance <the basket contained many fruits, but chiefly apples>  <the battle was won chiefly by the aid of the air force>

Mainly is often used interchangeably with chiefly, but not where preeminence is implied; rather it connotes greatest importance among a number of things, but not exclusive value <be sure to take along with you all that you will need, but mainly informal clothes>  <the cause depends mainly on the validity of this act —John Marshall >  <the Pickwickian Christmas did very little to stimulate consumption; it was mainly a gratuitous festivity —Huxley >

Principally carries an idea of primary importance rather than outstanding or relative importance; the difference is not great between it and chiefly or mainly except when the idea of being first or primary is emphasized <they wholly mistake the nature of criticism, who think its business is principally to find fault —Dryden >  <his support comes principally from the income of invested money>  <the cash crops are principally wheat and rye>

Generally stresses reference to the majority of persons, instances, or cases involved <the people, not universally, but generally, were animated by a true spirit of sacrifice —Froude >  <the news was generally received with joy>  <the land breezes here are generally hot and dry>