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Irksome vs Tiresome vs Wearisome vs Tedious vs Boring

Irksome, tiresomewearisometediousboring mean burdensome because tiring or boring or both.

A person or thing is irksome that inspires distaste, reluctance, or impatience because of its demand for effort not made easy by interest.

A person or thing is tiresome that is dull and unenlivening and therefore is either intensely boring or soon productive of fatigue.

A person or, especially, a thing is wearisome that exhausts one's strength or patience through long-continued or constant call for effort, exertion, or attention, or through tiresome uniformity of character.

A person or thing is tedious that is tiresomely monotonous, slow, or prolix.

A person or thing is boring that causes boredom; the term is perhaps the most positive of the group since it implies an active depressing, wearying, or annoying.