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Intimidate vs Cow vs Bulldoze vs Bully vs Browbeat

Intimidate, cowbulldozebullybrowbeat are comparable when meaning to frighten or coerce by frightening means into submission or obedience.

Intimidate primarily implies a making timid or fearful, but it often suggests a display or application (as of force or learning) so as to cause fear or a sense of inferiority and a consequent submission.

Cow implies reduction to a state where the spirit is broken or all courage is lost.

Bulldoze implies an intimidating or an overcoming of resistance usually by forceful demanding or urging or by implied threats.

Bully implies intimidation through overbearing, swaggering threats or insults, and in schoolboy use it usually suggests bulldozing of small boys by those who are larger or more aggressive.

Browbeat implies a cowing through arrogant, scornful, contemptuous, or insolent treatment.