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Injustice vs Injury vs Wrong vs Grievance

Injustice, injurywronggrievance are comparable when they denote an act that inflicts undeserved damage, loss, or hardship on a person.

Injustice is the general term applicable not only to an act which involves unfairness to another or a violation of his rights, but, as a collective noun, to all acts which come under this description.

Injury applies to an injustice to a person for which the law allows an action to recover compensation or specific property, or both.

Wrong is, in law, a more general term than injury for it applies not only to all injuries as just defined (private wrongs ) but to all misdemeanors or crimes which affect the community (public wrongs ) and which are punishable according to the criminal code. But in general use wrong differs little from injustice , except in carrying a stronger connotation of flagrancy or of seriousness.

Grievance applies to a circumstance or condition that, in the opinion of those affected, constitutes a wrong or that gives one just grounds for complaint.