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Initiate vs Induct vs Inaugurate vs Install vs Invest

Initiateinductinaugurateinstallinvest are comparable when meaning to put one through the processes, ceremonies, or other formalities regarded as essential to one’s being admitted to one’s duties as a member or an official.

Initiate (see also BEGIN ) usually implies admission to some organization, cult, or craft and especially to one requiring indoctrination in its mysteries or mysterious rites or ceremonies in the introduction of new members.

Induct may often be used in place of initiate, especially when introduction under guidance is also implied. But induct, as well as inaugurate, install, and invest, may imply a formal or ceremonious endowing of a person with the powers and prerogatives of an office or post.

Induct is used technically of clergymen who are put in possession of a benefice or living, or of officials who are established in their office with appropriate rites or ceremonies.

Inaugurate (see also BEGIN ) usually implies more formal and dignified ceremonies and much more publicity than induct.

Install implies induction into an office associated with a seat. The term also may be used in reference to persons who are formally or comfortably seated. It is also the only one of these terms which may be used in reference to things as well as to persons.

Invest usually suggests a clothing with the robes or other insignia of an office and, by extension, with the powers of that office. It often also implies a ceremony but it may suggest only the addition of powers that come to one on one’s induction into a position or office.