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Inherent vs Ingrained vs Intrinsic vs Essential vs Constitutional

Inherent, ingrainedintrinsicessentialconstitutional mean being a part, element, or quality of a thing's internal character or inmost being.

Something is inherent which is so deeply infixed in a thing that it is apparently part of its very nature or essence.

Something is ingrained which seems to be wrought into the fiber or texture of a person's being.

Something is intrinsic which belongs to or is a property of a thing itself, as considered apart from all the external relations, connections, or conditions that affect its usefulness, value, or significance.

Something is essential (see also ESSENTIAL 2 NEEDFUL ) which is an element of a thing's essence and therefore indissolubly involved in its very nature or being.

Something is constitutional which is inherent in the fundamental makeup of the body or mind.