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Indiscriminate vs Wholesale vs Sweeping

Indiscriminate, wholesalesweeping are comparable when they mean including all or nearly all within the range of choice, operation, or effectiveness.

Something is indiscriminate which does not distinguish the deserving from the undeserving but acts (as in giving, treating, selecting, or including) regardless of individual deserts or merits.

Wholesale often implies indiscriminateness, but sometimes it carries almost no such suggestion; however, it regularly stresses extensiveness, usually suggesting that no person or thing within the range of choice, operation, or effectiveness has escaped.

Sweeping implies a reaching out in or as if in a wide circle to draw in everyone or everything within range; it usually carries a stronger suggestion of indiscriminateness than wholesale and often specifically implies exceeding the bounds of right, justice, or jurisdiction or suggests generality rather than a concrete, specific character.