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Inconsonant vs Inconsistent vs Incompatible vs Incongruous vs Uncongenial vs Unsympathetic vs Discordant vs Discrepant

Inconsonant, inconsistentincompatibleincongruousuncongenialunsympatheticdiscordantdiscrepant mean not in agreement with one another or not agreeable one to the other.

(Except for this denial of reciprocal agreement or agreeableness, the first six words correspond to the affirmative adjectives as discriminated at CONSONANT , especially in regard to their specific implications.

Discordant is more common than inconsonant when applied, in the sense of devoid of harmony, to things coming into contact or comparison with each other.

Discrepant is often preferred to inconsistent in attributive use especially when a wide variance between details of two things that should be alike or consistent is to be suggested; thus, “two discrepant accounts of an accident” suggests more obvious differences in details than “their accounts are inconsistent .” Inconsistent is more frequent in predicative use.)