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Incline vs Bias vs Dispose vs Predispose

Inclinebiasdisposepredispose mean to influence one to take a stated or implied attitude to something or to someone or to have such an attitude as a result of prior influences.

Incline (see also SLANT ) implies that the mind or the feelings have been so affected that one is already leaning toward one of two or more possible conclusions, projects, decisions, or objects (as of affection). The word suggests no more than the tipping of the balance toward one and therefore connotes merely a tendency to favor one more than the other or others.

Bias implies a stronger and more settled leaning than incline; it usually connotes a prejudice for or against.

Dispose differs from incline in stressing the implication of putting one into a frame of mind that is proper or necessary for the end in view or that makes one ready or willing to do something or to take some stand; therefore it often connotes the sway of one’s disposition, mood, temper, or attitude.

Predispose differs from dispose in implying the existence of the frame of mind or of the proper disposition in advance of the opportunity to manifest itself in action.

Predispose is also used of a physical tendency or condition which makes one susceptible to a given infection or disease.