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Illiberal vs Narrow-minded vs Narrow vs Intolerant vs Bigoted vs Hidebound

Illiberalnarrow-mindednarrowintolerantbigotedhidebound mean so lacking in breadth of mind or experience as to be unwilling or unable to understand the point of view of others.

Illiberal implies a lack of freedom of spirit, mind, or thought that prevents one from entering into sympathy with the aims, beliefs, policies, or attitudes of others; it usually suggests an ungenerous or grudging mind.

Narrow-minded and narrow stress an ingrained temperament that is incompatible with breadth of mind; they usually suggest an inability to see and understand others' beliefs or aims owing to such determining circumstances as birth, breeding, or environment.

Intolerant may imply illiberality or narrow-mindedness or it may imply an avoidance of weak permissiveness, but it emphasizes unwillingness to tolerate ideas contrary to one's own or to those accepted either generally or in accord with some standard.

Bigoted implies complete satisfaction with one's religious or social creed and unwillingness to admit truth in others; it usually suggests unreasonableness, obstinacy, and narrow-mindedness.

Hidebound implies the strong restraint of custom, tradition, or habit and aversion to change. There is less suggestion in this word of antagonism to those who hold other opinions, but a strong suggestion of unwillingness to be moved.