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Idle vs Loaf vs Lounge vs Loll vs Laze

Idleloafloungelolllaze mean to spend time not in work but in idleness.

Idle may be used with reference to persons or to things that move lazily or without purpose; it may also be employed to connote either strong censure or a pleasant or justifiable action.

Loaf suggests either a resting or a wandering about as though there were nothing to do; it does not necessarily imply contempt, although its agent noun loafer when used seriously nearly always carries that implication and has often affected the meaning of the verb.

Lounge, though occasionally used as equal to idle or to loaf, typically conveys an additional implication of lazily resting or reclining against a support or of physical comfort and ease in relaxation.

The agent noun lounger is, however, usually derogatory, though slightly less so than loafer.

Loll also carries an implication of a posture similar to that of lounge, but it places greater stress upon an indolent or relaxed attitude.

Laze usually implies the relaxation of a busy person enjoying a vacation or his moments of leisure.