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Honor vs Homage vs Reverence vs Deference vs Obeisance

Honorhomagereverencedeferenceobeisance all mean respect or esteem shown another as his due or claimed by him as a right.

Honor may apply to the recognition of one’s title to great respect or esteem or to an expression or manifestation of such respect and esteem.

Homage adds to honor implications of accompanying praise or tributes of esteem especially from those who owe allegiance or service. In its extended use the term carries a stronger implication of a worshipful attitude than honor carries.

Reverence (see also REVERENCE ) implies profound respect mingled with love or devotion.

Deference implies such respect for the person or his position or such reverence for his personality or such honor for his years or achievements that one courteously yields or submits one’s own judgment, opinion, or preference to his.

Obeisance implies a show of honor or reverence by some act or gesture (as bowing or kneeling) that indicates submission, humility, or acknowledgment of defeat. Sometimes the term is used in place of one of the other words in this group to suggest abject humiliation on the part of the one who pays honor or reverence.