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Happiness vs Felicity vs Beatitude vs Blessedness vs Bliss

Happiness, felicitybeatitudeblessednessbliss all denote the enjoyment or pleasurable satisfaction that goes with well-being.

Happiness is the generic term applicable to almost any state of enjoyment or pleasurable satisfaction especially as based on one’s well-being, security, effective accomplishments, or satisfied wishes.

Felicity, denoting intense happiness is suited chiefly to formal expressions (as of congratulation) or dignified description.

Beatitude is supreme felicity.

Blessedness implies a feeling of being highly favored, especially by the Supreme Being, and often, a deep joy arising from the purest domestic, benevolent, or religious affections; bliss adds to blessedness a suggestion of exalted or ecstatic felicity; both blessedness and bliss, like beatitude, often refer to the joys of heaven.