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Habituate vs Accustom vs Addict vs Inure

Habituate, accustomaddictinure mean to make used to something.

Habituate distinctively implies the formation of habit through repetition.

Accustom implies adjustment to something by frequent or prolonged experience or by constant exposure. To accustom oneself to nagging is to become inured to nagging by another person; to habituate oneself to nagging is to form the habit of nagging others. Sometimes accustom also connotes reconciliation by overcoming one’s resistance or distaste.

Addict, which is used chiefly in a reflexive construction or in the passive, adds to habituate the implication of overindulgence or surrender to inclination and frequently refers to bad habits.

Inure is a somewhat formal word that is a close synonym of accustom, but distinctively it may suggest a becoming callous or indifferent as a result of repeated exposure.