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Group vs Cluster vs Bunch vs Parcel vs Lot

Groupclusterbunchparcellot mean a collection or assemblage of persons or of things.

Group implies some unifying relationship, however tenuous (as a similarity of activity, of purpose, or of nature), and ordinarily a degree of physical closeness.

Cluster basically refers to a group of things (as fruits or flowers) growing closely together. In extended use the term may be applied to persons or things that form distinguishable groups and especially smaller groups within larger masses.

Bunch (see also BUNDLE ) often replaces cluster in referring to natural groups of certain edible fruits (as grapes or bananas). In its extended uses it implies a natural or homogeneous association of like persons or things and carries a weaker implication of a common origin or point of growth than cluster usually does.

Parcel and lot refer to a separate or detached collection of persons or things.

Parcel in this sense (see also PART , BUNDLE ) usually carries some implication of disapproval of the thing so grouped.

Lot applies to persons or things that are associated or should for one reason or another be thought of or treated as a whole. When the plural is used, the idea of grouping is lost or obscured and the implication of numbers or quantity increases.