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Grant vs concede vs vouchsafe vs accord vs award

Grantconcedevouchsafeaccordaward denote to give as a favor or as a right.

One grants, usually to a claimant or a petitioner and often a subordinate, as an act of justice or indulgence, something that is requested or demanded and that could be withheld.

One concedes something claimed or expected as a right, prerogative, or possession when one yields it with reluctance and, usually, in response to some compelling force in the claim or the claimant.

One vouchsafes something prayed for, begged for, or expected as a courtesy, when one grants it to a person inferior in dignity or station. The word is often found in supplications where it implies humility in the suppliant.

Often it is ironical and then usually suggests absurd condescension.

One accords to another something admittedly his due or in keeping with his character or status.

One awards something that is deserved or merited; the word usually implies determination by legal adjudication or by judges in a contest or competition.